The storms show that you're steady.


Thoughts from Eric


How do churches go wrong?

From “Understanding the Church.”

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Are you doing the right things?

Here's something I've been working on with my group at church lately. Each area got its own session of study and discussion. Then, I gave a talk at a local breakfast meeting using this as my basis. 

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Giving Orders?

Thoughts on giving orders as I prep for my Adult Bible Fellowship lesson in Philemon.


Door #1 or Door #2?

How do we know what to do when life comes at us? How can we tell what opportunities to take and what to let go by? After all, most of our decisions don't fall into easy categories, like "thou shall" or "thou shall not" commands from God. God didn't give formulas and flow charts for every decision. 

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Thoughts on some bigger topics. Not comprehensive, but a little more developed.